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  • Your child will gain improved attention span
  • Children's stranger awareness
  • Self defense and protection from verbal/physical bullying
  • Teens and adults learn traditional martial arts and Self Defense skills. 
  • All classes are fun and challenging for improved mental and physical fitness.
  • Karate can help reduce stress
Your child will gain improved attention span, motor skills and social skills. All classes provide an environment focused on safety, respect and fun!

For our teens and adults, we blend traditional martial arts with Self Defense skills designed to help them get an edge in life. 

Emphasis is given to focus skills that help with acuity and retention promoting better academic performance. 

 The best way to get involved is to give it a try! Our programs are designed for students of all ages.

Open Monday through Thursday, 5pm to 9 pm / Friday/Saturday to be announced 
Walk-ins are welcome and no appointment necessary


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  • Classes are 30 minutes of high energy Fun!
  • Classes are for kids ages 6 to 12
  • Classes meet every Monday for 6 weeks
  • All lessons are taught by dynamic instructors in a professional and safe environment packed with fun!  

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The best way to get involved is to 
Give it a try! 

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MEET Master Sue Liposec, 

Sue Liposec is a 4rd Degree Black Belt 
in Traditional Karate. 
She is also a Certified Instructor
with Professional Karate Schools of America! 
She began her training with in 2009 with her son Josh, also a 3rd degree black belt and soon she was joined by her 3 other children, who all earned their 1st & 2nd degree black belts. 
Today, with twelve years of experience 
practicing karate and teaching self defense, she is making a difference in the lives of women and children everywhere. Sue began training because she is a firm believer that everyone should know some form of 
self defense in today’s world. 
She has always loved martial arts, growing up watching Bruce Lee, but didn’t have the opportunity to 
start until she was an adult. 
She loves that Karate can add Confidence and Self esteem in the lives of the children and adults that she teaches! 
As a homeschool Mom of 4, she’s been able to incorporate her experience and adapt her teaching style to instruct a variety of age groups, from ages 3 years old to adults!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when choosing a martial       art school?
The most important factor to look for in a martial arts school is the instructor and instruction. Not only do they need to teach great classes, they need to spend time every class talking to the students about the characteristics they need to be successful in school and life outside of class.
What Helps makes a good karate student?
We Help Children to build the qualities of discipline, focus, humility, appreciation, and motivation. Karate also helps to enhance all  other areas of life.
What will Karate teach my child?
Karate will help your child focus on respect of others, improves concentration and self-control, teamwork and the true value of friendship.
They will also develop communication skills, which can be difficult for children who are naturally shy or have behavioral problems.
How do you know if a karate school is good?
1. The Atmosphere at Training Is Friendly. A friendly atmosphere is very important in a Karate school. ...
2. The School Teaches Respect and Control. ...
3. You Can Feel That You Are Improving. ...
4. The Instructor Is Dedicated and Experienced.

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